The Lynx

“The square topsail schooner Lynx has been designed and built to interpret the general configuration and operation of a privateer schooner or naval schooner from the War of 1812, the original Lynx being a “letter of marque”  Baltimore Clipper commissioned during the opening days of the war.  Serving effectively as a blockade-runner and offensive weapon of war, she was among the first ships to defend American freedom.  Dedicated to all those who cherish the blessings of America, Lynx sails as a living history museum, providing inspiration and resolve at this time in [U.S.] history.  She is fitted with period ordnance and flies flags and pennants from the 1812 era.  To complement her historic character, the Lynx crew members wear period uniforms and operate the ship in keeping with the maritime traditions of early 19th century America.”  Information from Sail Tall Ships, 19th edition


Flag:  USA
Rig:  Square topsail schooner

Homeport:  Newport Beach, California

Sparred Length: 122’

LOA: 78’

LOC: 76’

LWL: 72’

Draft: 9’

Beam: 23’

Rig height: 94’

Freeboard: 5’

Sail Area: 4, 669

Tons: 94 GRT

Power: Cat 3306B – 290 HP

hundested variable pitch propeller

Hull: Wood

*Information provided by Sails Tall Ships, 19th edition